Reliance Jio Gains Most Wireless Subscribers, Airtel Posts Best Proportion of VLR in October: TRAI

According to a TRAI report, Reliance Jio recorded the highest monthly growth rate as well as net growth of wireless subscribers in the month of October as the total wireless subscribers registered a monthly growth rate of 0.02 per cent. Bharti Airtel had the largest proportion of active wireless subscribers (aka VLR subscribers) in the month of October. It was followed by Vi (Vodafone Idea) and Jio. PSUs like BSNL and MTNL recorded the lowest percentage of VLR subscribers respectively.

of trai Telecom Subscription report good Shown for October is that 996.47 million of the total 1,166.30 million wireless subscribers were active on the date of peak VLR in the month of October. The proportion of these subscribers was 85.44 percent of the total wireless subscribers. Total wireless subscribers increased from 1,166.02 million at the end of September to 1,166.30 million at the end of October, registering a monthly growth rate of 0.02 percent.

Incidentally, wireless subscriptions in urban areas declined from 637.89 million to 637.44 million and in rural areas increased from 528.13 million to 528.86 million in a month. The monthly growth rates of urban and rural wireless subscriptions were 0.07 per cent and 0.14 per cent, respectively.

When it comes to access service provider-wise segregation, live It accounts for 36.58 percent of the total wireless subscriber market, and added the highest number of subscribers (1,761,137) in October. The company’s active wireless subscriber ratio stands at 84.03 percent. Airtel It is the second largest telecom company in terms of wireless subscribers with 30.35 percent market share. The company lost 489,709 wireless subscribers in October. However, it recorded the largest proportion of its active wireless subscribers at 97.78 percent.

got third place Sixth Which captured 23.04 percent of the total market share, lost the most (964,245) subscribers and registered 87.10 percent proportion of its active wireless subscribers. BSNL (9.73 per cent market share) and MTNL (0.28 per cent market share) lost wireless subscribers and posted losses in the month of October. In short, Jio reported a growth of 0.41 per cent, Airtel reported a loss of 0.14 per cent and Vodafone Idea reported a 0.36 per cent loss in wireless subscribers in the month of October.

The top five service providers constituted 98.69 per cent market share of the total broadband (wired + wireless) customers at the end of October 2021. These service providers are Jio (430.75 million), Airtel (208.71 million), VI (122.47 million), BSNL (24.57 million), and ACT (1.97 million), the report said. In the list of wired broadband service providers, BSNL tops the list with 4.72 million subscribers, followed by Jio (4.16 million), Airtel (3.98 million), ACT (1.97 million) and Hathway (1.07 million).