Shiba Inu Is Now Accepted by Travala That Has 2 Million Hotel and 400 Flight Listings

Travala, a blockchain-based travel company backed by Binance, has added support for Shiba Inu payments to its website. The official account of the Australia-based crypto-forward company congratulated Shiba Inu supporters for winning the token war they did a few days ago through a poll, noting that SHIB is now featured as a payment method on Travala’s website. Has been and may be used to book over 2 million hotels worldwide and fly flights from over 600 airlines using SHIB tokens.

While this is a big win for ShibArmy, Travala has been openly adopting crypto payments for some time. The platform already accepts over 40 major cryptocurrencies for payment on its website. Travala in the middle of the symbolic war floki inu And Shiba Inu Received around 4.9 million votes. The Shiba Inu received about 34 lakh votes in the fight – which is 69 percent of the total vote. Companion Dog Coin and Rival Meme Coin, dogecoin It was added to the list of available payment options in early May 2021.

Travala also has its own native token AVA, which is a multi-chain token based on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum blockchain.

This is another example where the SHIB community continues to support the MEM token and continues to push for its widespread adoption across platforms that accept crypto payments. The victory comes shortly after massive support from the community on social media, convincing Kraken to list the Shiba Inu on its exchange. NS listing process Kraken took about a month to complete, but it finally happened.

For the past few months, the Shiba Inu has been in the limelight more than most other altcoins, including DOGE. In November, major American movie theater chain AMC Theaters also announced that he will accept SHIB payments. Almost all major exchanges including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase and Gemini have listed Shiba Inu for trading. Robinhood seems to be the only one left, and the community is constantly calling on the US-based exchange to do the same.

SHIB also managed another milestone earlier this month. The cryptocurrency has reached over 1 million holders despite a drop in value over the past month – a feat only a few major altcoins have achieved so far.

At the time of publication, the Shiba Inu was valued at $0.0000036 (approximately Rs.0.002723), representing a drop of 3 percent over the past 24 hours. According to coingeco, the value of SHIB has fallen by more than 36 percent in the past month.

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