The Fading of the Platform Giants: Shoppable Video Pioneer Firework Releases Landmark Predictions for Engagement, Ecommerce and the Open Web for 2022 and Beyond

Standing at the forefront of digital engagement and helping to redefine relationships with Internet 3.0, retailers and publishers have built Fireworks, the short-form video platform with their customers, into a purchasable website. , designed to bring the livestream video experience, today released a series of predictions for the engagement, video and web space in 2022.

Fireworks is issuing its predictions after a year of breakneck growth, positioned at the center of an explosion in short-form and livestreaming commerce and engagement. Quarterly short-form video views on Fireworks’ network grew an astonishing 861% from 2020 to 2021, and the company expects quarterly views to exceed 5 billion by the end of the year.

Now, as the industry looks to the next 12 months and beyond, Fireworks leaders make key predictions as market leaders based on expertise and insights gained through their work with some of the world’s most talented organizations. are of. His predictions include:

The end of the “platform era” and the ongoing changes on the Internet 3.0Social media platforms are welcoming them – and soon their usefulness will be gone. As the social media giant has consolidated power and eyeballs over the past decade, they have also created a lot of ill will. Their inability and unwillingness to put user privacy and security first, and continue to deny brands and organizations a winning shot at engagement Remove users and companies from the platform, In turn, the shift toward Internet 3.0, a decentralized online environment in which traffic, commerce, engagement, and interaction take place evenly across the open web, will continue to accelerate. The new tools—Firework’s short-form video and livestreaming solutions among them—are serving as the building blocks of Internet 3.0, allowing individuals and companies to create immersive experiences on their own digital properties; To be the platform itself without relying on the walled gardens of social media.

The livestream revolution is well underway: A full two-thirds of Chinese consumers report buying products via livestream in the past year, and livestream sales are expected to reach mind-bending $423 billion by 2022, The prevalence of livestream shopping may seem strange by American standards, unless you consider the rampant success of home shopping television networks like QVC in the 1990s, which operate on a similar model. Plus, the livestream ecommerce wave has already reached our shores. American retailers are waking up to the value of real-time, engaging, shoppable video. While the best of some of the earliest iterations of livestream shopping are the best (hello, Amazon Live?) and as millennials—and especially Gen Z—continue to gain shopping power, livestream ecommerce will only continue to grow as U.S. retailers need to do this. Realize that purchasable video is possible on their own sites and on their terms.

Media and commerce are converging: Shopping doesn’t happen in a vacuum. nor material consumption. Everyday buying decisions are heavily influenced by everyday life, including what we see, hear and experience online through content consumption habits—the shopping funnel is long and winding. In 2022, we will see the lines between commerce and media become even more blurred. Consumers will increasingly choose online experiences in which they can connect with peers, learn and talk about products, and buy them—all without ever clicking through. Stores would be studios, and studios would be stores. Publishers will increasingly be rolling out commerce and life-shopping capabilities. New avenues of engagement, discovery and revenue will be delivered across the open web.

Retail media will grow and develop: Retail media is still a growing space, but as brands move away from social media platforms, we expect retail media to grow. Brands want to move their messages away from the place of purchase to the place of purchase, rather than targeting the target audience on social media. Still, as retail media continues to grow, the format will need to change. A large portion of retail media is currently performance-based, which will need to evolve as consumers seek the same dynamic experience they find on social feeds. As retail media evolves to take advantage of video – including purchasable video – we will see a huge boom in the space.

  • Jerry Luko, Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer

“It is clear that we are entering a new digital world order as we flip the page to 2022,” Yang said. “Brands, retailers and publishers see the writing on the wall—or they soon will. Consumers looking for new ways to engage with content and products are sick of signing their privacy for social media dopamine hits , and they are set to navigate a new, decentralized web to connect with their peers. It is now up to brands to adapt to the times.”

Exponential Growth to Launch Fireworks in 2022 after Signing Major Agreements with Industry Leaders Albertsons Companies, Heinz® and the PGA Tour, and with a historic investment since the end of the year Amex Ventures,

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Fireworks is the world’s leading immersive “shoppertainment” platform, with more than 600 direct-to-consumer brands, retailers and media publishers worldwide. Pandemic-accelerated, Fireworks has experienced 10-fold growth year-over-year, making a TikTok-like interactive video experience available on your very own website or app. Fireworks enables its customers to create and host native, shoppable video content to drive engaging product discovery, seamless shopping experience and ultimately a deeper emotional connection with consumers. The company is backed by IDG Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and GSR Ventures, having raised more than $100 million in capital to date. To know more, please visit,