What do Meta’s New Safety Initiatives to Protect Women Really Mean for Women in India?

Meta, formerly Facebook, announced a number of initiatives aimed at protecting female users on the company’s social media platform. Initiatives include the launch of stopncii.org in India – a platform that aims to combat the spread of non-consensual intimate images (NCII) and a safety hub for women that allows more female users to access information about those resources. who can help make them. Make the most of their social media experience. META has also appointed the first Indian members to the company’s global women safety expert advisors.

“Safety is truly core to our mission at Facebook,” said Karuna Nain, Director of Global Safety Policy meta platforms told reporters on Thursday, while announcement of initiative, He further elaborated that the social media giant works to keep the platforms secure in three segments – by implementing clear policies, building out cutting-edge tools and technology, and working with leading organizations on issues around the world.

How does Stopncci.org work?

According to Meta, Stopncci.org empowers victims who are concerned about the misuse of their intimate images, and gives them control over such content.

“If someone threatens you, you can report it so we can take action on that content,” Nain said. Stopncci.org has been developed in partnership with the UK Revenge Porn Helpline and 50 other organizations around the world. Stopncci.org is built with feedback from victims, victim advocates, and privacy and security advocates.

What is shocking, however, is that despite the large number of teen users Facebook And instagram, stopncci.org is not available to users under 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to file a case, the platform displays a message saying, “We’re sorry, but we can’t help with your case,” and a list of NGOs to the lead user can be contacted for assistance.

Also, at this time the Stop NCII platform is only available in English, and Nain said it will take a few more months for the platform to support Indian languages. Given Facebook’s widespread use in multiple Indian languages, this would limit its scope of influence, something that has been seen in the past with the company’s efforts to combat misinformation.

a safety center for women

Women Safety Hub Part of Meta’s Security Center. Women Safety Hub is a centralized resource where the company tries to get all the information that women will need to be able to navigate social media platforms in a safe and secure manner knowing what tools they have Huh. their disposal.

The Women’s Safety Hub includes information including META’s policies regarding various issues, tools and on-demand training. The Hub is available in 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati and Assamese.

Meta has a women’s safety expert group, whom the company consults on an ongoing basis regarding their policies, products and resources that they should offer on the platform.

Bishakha Dutta, Executive Editor, Point of View – a Mumbai-based non-profit organization and Jyoti Vadehra, Head of Media and Communications, Center for Social Research – a Delhi-based advocacy group for women – are the first Indian members of META’s Global Women. Security Expert Advisor.

The group includes 12 other non-profit leaders, activists and academic experts from different parts of the world and advises META in developing new policies, products and programs to better support women on its app.

Will women be safe on Meta’s social media platforms now?

Nain said Meta has invested more than $13 billion (about Rs 97,640 crore) in tools and technology to keep the platform secure and people safe since 2016 and over $5 billion (about Rs 37,555 crore) on security. On the way to spend more. and security in 2021.

“Our commitment to making our platform safe and secure is not the only thing we talk about. We put real investment behind these efforts. We have about 40,000 people who work on these efforts across the company. “

When asked about the specific initiatives META has spent, Nain said only that the money is being spent, “…the people who work in this space, the technology we’re building, for example For, the initiative we take. Will announce today or it will come as part of it.”

What do you do if someone is threatening to share intimate photos of you?

  1. go for https://stopncii.org/
  2. click on make your case Button
  3. Confirm that you are 18 years of age or older
  4. Provide details about who is in the picture by clicking on the drop-down list.
  5. Select the image(s)/video(s) you want to save on your device
  6. A unique “hash,” or a digital fingerprint, is generated and shared with participating companies (Facebook and Instagram).
  7. Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use to check the status of your case
  8. Check the box to consent to your hash being shared with participating companies.
  9. Click to present or to show,