WhatsApp Rolls Out Voice Message Preview Feature to Let You Review Your Recording Before Sending

WhatsApp on Tuesday announced the rollout of the ability to let you preview your voice messages before sending them to your contacts. The update essentially lets you listen to your voice message and see if the audio is okay to share on the instant messaging app. If it isn’t, you can discard your voice message and re-record it to share. The voice message preview feature on WhatsApp works with both individual and group chats. Also, it has been released for all platforms including Android and iOS as well as web and desktop.

To use the voice message preview feature on your mobile device, you must touch the microphone button a WhatsApp Chat and slide it up to lock the hands-free recording. This will bring up an interface where you will see a stop button and a trash can. You can tap the Stop button and then hit the Play button to listen to your voice message before sharing it with the recipient. WhatsApp also lets you jump to a specific part of the audio by tapping on the seek bar.

If you don’t find the message suitable to send, you can delete it by tapping on the trash can. You can optionally send it by pressing the send button.

Adding the preview feature will be very helpful if you prefer to send voice messages on WhatsApp over their text version. This allows you to review the draft of your voice message before sending it to your contacts. However, you can still accidentally send random voice messages if you’re only touching the microphone button on the app and not sliding it to lock the recording function.

WhatsApp confirms to Gadgets 360 that the preview feature has been made available roll over to all users. We were able to use it even on the latest version of the app in the list of Android And iOS devices as well as on the web.

In May, WhatsApp was seen developing a preview feature for voice messages. It was initially seen with Dedicated Review And cancel button, as Reported WhatsApp Beta Tracker by WABetaInfo. However, the Meta-owned company prefers to use the traditional Play and Trash buttons over any text context.

It is important to note that while the latest update allows users to preview voice messages before sending them to their contacts, it does not allow voice message recording to be paused. This means that you could not pause the audio recording of your message and resume it after some time.

Still, it looks like WhatsApp has this function in the works too. Viewed by WABetaInfo stop voice message option In October. However, it is not yet available for end users.

For the past few months, WhatsApp has shown an active interest in improving the voice messaging experience on its platform. App recently introduced playback speed And wave For voice messages. it a. Testing facilities including global voice message player And transcription of voice messages,