WhatsApp Tipped to Bring Redesigned Contact Info Page, Ability to Search Specific Nearby Businesses

WhatsApp has a redesigned interface in the works of the Contact Info page. The instant messaging app is also said to be working on an option so that users can filter nearby businesses while accessing the in-app business directory. However, the directory is not yet available to all users. Additionally, WhatsApp has been seen developing the ability for group administrators to connect their groups to a community on iOS. It first appeared on WhatsApp for Android.

according to a report good WhatsApp Beta Tracker by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Developing a redesigned contact info page for both Android And iOS the user. It is said to be similar to the updated business information page which was spotty On the beta version of the app in August.

It appears that the redesigned contact info page has a dedicated search shortcut to provide a unique experience. This Limited to iOS users Initially, according to WABetaInfo. However, the redesigning will be available for iOS as well as Android users in the future.

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot from iOS to give us a glimpse of the redesigned contact info page ahead of its release to beta testers. The screenshot shows that the new interface may look similar to what we have with the default contact cards on the iPhone.

WhatsApp is seeing a new interface for the contact info page in development
photo credit: WABetaInfo

Separately, WABetaInfo reports That WhatsApp is working on a filtering option that will appear when searching for nearby businesses. This will help you filter the results specifically for places like restaurants, grocery stores and clothing.

whatsapp business filter search result image wbetainfo whatsapp

WhatsApp is said to be developing filters for nearby businesses
photo credit: WABetaInfo

There was an in-app business directory to enable search for nearby businesses rolled under a pilot So Paulo in September However, it hasn’t expanded to users around the world yet.

WABetaInfo has also done spotty Some references to allowing group administrators to add their groups to a community on iOS. whatsapp for ios Beta version suggested updates. Similar feature of linking groups to a community Appeared for Android users Earlier this month via WhatsApp beta version However, it has not been made available to beta testers yet.

whatsapp link group community update wbetainfo whatsapp

WhatsApp group admins can get the ability to add their group to a community
photo credit: WABetaInfo

It is important to note that WhatsApp is yet to confirm the rollout of the reported features. Therefore, it may take some changes before it is released to the end users.