YouTube Says Services Fixed After Disruption Affects Thousands

Alphabet’s YouTube said on Tuesday it has fixed an issue that caused thousands of users to lose access to its platform or suffer slow services.

DownDetector, which showed that there were over 15,000 incidents of people reporting issues with youtubeTracks outages on its platform by aggregating status reports from multiple sources, including user-submitted errors.

YouTube tweeted, “If you were experiencing slower than usual or had trouble accessing YouTube earlier today – it’s fixed! The problem lasted about 20 minutes.”

According to ToolTester, a website that reviews web tools, YouTube has experienced 65 outages in the past 12 months.

a major outage interrupted Amazon’s cloud services for several hours last week resulting in Netflix, Disney+, Robin Hood, and many other services are inaccessible, including of amazon E-commerce website.

of amazon ring Manufacturer of Security Cameras, Mobile Banking App Chimes, and Robot Vacuum Cleaners i robot, which use Amazon Web Services (AWS), reported the issues according to their social media pages.

“Netflix, which runs almost all of its infrastructure on AWS, has lost 26 percent of its traffic,” said Doug Madory, head of internet analysis at analytics firm Kentik.

Amazon said the outage was related to network devices and was linked to the Application Programming Interface, or API, which is a set of protocols for building and integrating application software.

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