App Store Paid Out Over $60 Billion to Developers in 2021, $260 Billion Since 2008, Says Apple

Apple will pay developers around $60 billion (about Rs 4,43,300 crore) in 2021, the company revealed in its latest App Store data. New figures show an increase in money paid to developers compared to previous years, following Apple’s decision to reduce the commissions it collects from smaller developers. The company also revealed that customers spent “more than ever” on the App Store between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, without disclosing the total spend by all customers during the period.

Cupertino based company revealed Developers had earned over $260 billion (approximately Rs 19,21,486 crore) since the launch of the App Store in 2008, a jump of nearly $60 billion (approximately Rs 4,43,300 crore) since Apple last These figures were disclosed a year ago. Apple keeps an updated list of the most downloaded apps and games on the App Store. Back in January 2018, Apple revealed Developers had earned $86 billion (approximately Rs 6,35,400 crore) since the launch of the App Store, which suggests that the figure has exceeded $170 billion (approximately Rs 12,56,000 crore) in the last four years.

As mentioned earlier, Apple’s figures on remuneration to developers reflect an increase in earnings from the App Store. In November 2020, Apple Changed Its App Store commission policy to collect 15 percent of sales for the “vast majority” of developers on the service, who make less than $1 million (about Rs 7.4 crore) in annual sales in their apps. Apple had also revealed that if a developer’s business exceeds the limit, a 30 percent commission will be applicable to them for the rest of the year.

The company also reiterated that there were 745 million subscriptions from users on the company’s platform, which were shared Apple and developers app Store, which continues to make money for the company and developers, as company figures show. The company also revealed that there was a double-digit increase in spending by customers between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but declined to disclose that number.

While Apple’s figures show a large increase in money earned by developers, there is no way to tell how many developers benefited from the increase. Apple is facing Criticism On fraudulent apps from developers on the App Store, and policies that are considered too restrictive. Apple’s biggest legal challenge was in 2021 Conflict With epic games In-app purchases were later banned from the App Store.

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