Big Tech: Bills Targeting Google, Facebook, More Firms to Go Before US Senate Panel


The US Senate Judiciary Committee is set to decide on Thursday whether the full Senate should vote on two bills aimed at reining in tech giants like Alphabet’s Google and Meta’s Facebook.

Lawmakers are expected to consider a revised version of a bill introduced by Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, and Chuck Grassley, a Republican, that would block tech platforms such as heroine By giving preference to your own businesses on your websites.

The revised version will expand the definition of companies covered by the bill to include firms such as the popular video app TIC TocAccording to sources familiar with the matter.

of china Tencent, who owns the messaging app WeChat, as per a source, will also be covered by the bill.

Two sources familiar with the matter said it was unclear whether the Klobuchar-Grassley measure had the necessary votes to send the measure to the Senate floor for final passage. The sources asked not to be named as they were not authorized to speak about the matter on record.

A second bill, led by US Senators Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn, is also on schedule. The Open App Market Act would ban large app stores, such as Apple, prohibits app providers from requiring them to use their own payment system and from penalizing apps that offer different prices through other app stores or payment systems.

The bill is on schedule for the first time on Thursday, which means it could be deferred for at least a week.

Measures and other bills aimed at Big Tech have ignited protests from powerful business groups. Neil Bradley, chief policy officer of the US Chamber of Commerce, opposed the bill supported by Klobuchar and Grassley. “The companies that are being targeted are the ones that had the scale and innovation to help us through the pandemic, whether it was being able to get millions to work remotely, (or getting) our front doors. But it was delivered,” he said.

advocacy group Consumer Reports, said it would support the Klobuchar/Grassley bill “to reset the power disparity between big tech, consumers and small businesses.”

A version of both bills has been introduced in the US House of Representatives.

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