Google Labs Appoints Team for Research Work on Blockchain Tech


Many researchers say that blockchain, the technology that supports the crypto sector, has emerged as an interesting area of ​​knowledge in recent years. To accelerate research work in the blockchain field, Google Labs has appointed a new team to focus on the upcoming technology. Google Labs is an incubator that tests and develops new-tech developments and projects, presented by the search engine giant. The company’s Vice President of Engineering Shivakumar Venkataraman has been selected to lead the new group.

blockchain-focused The team at Google Labs is smaller than of google Other research and product areas.

The main tasks assigned to the members of this group are to work around next generation technologies in the distributed computing and data storage categories, bloomberg said.

Blockchain technology is basically an elaborate list of records called “blocks” that are interconnected by “cryptography,” or complex codes and algorithms.

On a blockchain, information can be stored on a shared system where everyone can view it but cannot modify it, a report good Explains by Tech4Fresher.

Earlier this month, Bill Ready, president of commerce at Google Allegedly Said that the company will grow with user and merchant demands.

This time, Google Has not disclosed any listing plans cryptocurrency as a payment option for its services.

augmented reality There is another area of ​​(AR) technology that Google is paying attention to.

In November 2021, the company formed a special research team to work on high potential and long-term areas such as AR.

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