Google Pixel 6 Series’ ‘At a Glance’ Widget Getting New Settings for Fitness, Bedtime: Report


The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones are reportedly getting a new update for the “At a Glance” widget. The update is said to bring bedtime and fitness settings for users. The new settings at a glance are said to be part of the January update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. The new update for Widgets at a Glance — part of the January Update — brings a slew of options like Doorbell, Timer & Stopwatch, Bedtime, and more.

according To Android Analyst Mishaal Rahman, User of google pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro Pixel Launcher will get you some new settings for widgets at a glance. As of now, users will reportedly be getting toggles for timer and stopwatch, sleep time, And Health Adjustment. Health The setting is called for showing data from Adidas Running and Strava. It is estimated that Health The setting will also support other fitness apps. There is also an option to hide sensitive information on the lockscreen at a glance.

Android Police reports that these new settings should be available through update google app On Pixel 6 series smartphones. The settings are said to be active by default and users can view them at a glance by tapping and holding on the widget and selecting Preferences in the pop-up menu.

Rahman first share Updates at a glance earlier this month. The widget is available for the Google app through update Called to receive toggles for updates door bell, timer and stopwatch, sleep time, Health, connected devices, torch, And security check, Rahmani at that time as outlined that only door bell The setting for the widget was working as a part of a server-side update.

According to some screenshots shared by Rahman, the widget at a glance, when connected to a Google Nest doorbell, shows a visitor’s preview as well as a notification on the smartphone when the bell rings. There is no information on when the rest of the settings will be activated for Google Pixel 6 users. The update is expected to roll out to all users soon.