WhatsApp Has Until End of February to Clarify Privacy Policy Change, EU Says


The European Commission said on Thursday that Facebook unit WhatsApp has been given until the end of February to explain changes to its privacy policy and whether it complies with EU consumer protection laws following complaints from consumer groups.

The European Consumer Organization (BEUC) and its eight members took their complaints to the European Union’s executive and the European network of consumer authorities. WhatsApp was unfairly pressuring users to accept its new privacy policy which allows it to share certain data Facebook and other group firms.

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said he shared the concerns and asked WhatsApp to clarify the policy and whether it complies with EU consumer protection law.

“WhatsApp has until the end of February to get back to us with concrete commitments on how they will address our concerns,” he said in a statement.

Areas of concern include whether the Company provides sufficient information about its new Terms of Service and if its information is appropriate to prompt users to accept the new Terms and Privacy Policy.

The commission said it was also concerned about the exchange of users’ personal data between WhatsApp and third parties or other Facebook users.meta companies.

“We look forward to explaining to the European Commission how we protect the privacy of our users in compliance with our obligations under EU law,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said.

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