Apple App Store Changes Being Studied by Dutch Antitrust Watchdog to Check Compliance With Order


The Dutch antitrust watchdog said on Monday it is studying whether Apple has announced changes to its App Store terms and conditions in the Netherlands that would bring it into compliance with national law.

The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is imposing a weekly fine of 5 million euros (about Rs 42 crore). Apple 24, saying that the company has failed to open its app store to allow dating app providers in the Netherlands to use alternative payment methods.

Apple is under pressure to commission in-app purchases in several countries, after the US Senate on Thursday approved a bill that would block Apple and Google By requiring users to use their own payment system.

Apple insisted on January 15 that it had complied with the Dutch regulator’s December order covering only dating apps such as Match Group. tinderBut the regulator responded that Apple hasn’t actually made the changes yet — it had just indicated it would.

On February 3, Apple made another statement on its blog, clearly explaining how developers can now implement alternative payment methods.

An important footnote was that Apple said it would still charge a 27 percent commission on in-app payments it doesn’t process, just a little less than the 30 percent it currently charges. The company said it was “in line with the order of the ACM”.

An ACM spokesperson said the agency is studying Apple’s changes and will respond soon.

Apple is separately appealing ACM’s original December decision, arguing that the alternative payment system poses a security risk to users.

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