Apple, Google Asked to Offer Improved Compliance Plans on App Store Law by South Korean Regulator


South Korea’s telecommunications regulator Apple and Alphabet better comply with Google before finalizing rules for a law banning app store operators forcing them to use their payment systems, officials said on Thursday. plan, officials said on Thursday.

South Korea passed legislation amending the Telecommunications Trade Act last year. The rules, to be drafted by March 15 and called enforcement ordinances, will determine what constitutes compliance with the law.

Although the ordinance has not been finalized, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) believes that a compliance plan Apple The submission “still lacks concrete details”, a KCC official told Reuters.

The official said KCC was in contact with Apple representatives for a more detailed compliance plan, which goes beyond the general intention of allowing alternative payment systems.

related to of google The plan, the official said, said KCC was aware of concerns over Google’s planned policy, reducing its service fee for developers by just 4 percentage points when users choose an alternative billing system, and the regulator asking Google to pay additional fees. Awaiting information.

“As a result of any policy, if app developers find it genuinely difficult to use alternative payment systems and have to use payment systems of major app store operators, it would not be in consonance with the purpose of the law,” the official said. ” likely to be reflected in the final ordinance.

The official, who is not authorized to speak to the media, declined to be identified. There was no immediate response from Apple and Google.

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