PS5 Beta Announced With Voice Commands, Open Party Support and Accessibility Improvements


Sony is set to roll out its second PlayStation 5 system software beta today, introducing new features for users to personalize their party chats. PlayStation 5 owners will finally be able to use voice commands starting with “Hey PlayStation”, and also make use of new accessibility features like mono audio and expanded screen reader language support. The company will also begin testing Open Party support for groups on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Gamers in select regions can sign up to test out the beta software for PS5 and PS4 ahead of the official rollout later this year.

company Explained In a blog post that it was adding support for open and closed parties. playstation 5 And Playstation 4 Console later this year, after testing on the beta channel. Starting an open party allows the player’s friends to see and join the friends of any member of the party without invitation. However, joining Open Party requires all players to be on a beta version of the system software. In the meantime, closed parties will need an invitation to join, according to Sony,

Sony says voice chat in upcoming beta PlayStation system software has been renamed Party
photo credit: sony

As part of the latest beta of Sony’s PS5 system software, gamers in the US and UK will be able to test preview voice commands to quickly find and open games and apps. Media playback can also be controlled with voice commands according to the company. Gamers can enable the Voice Command (Preview) setting and say, “Hey PlayStation” to begin using voice commands on their PlayStation 5. This feature only works with the English language setting and will send some audio back to Sony – this can be turned off in the settings.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 game base has also received enhancements as part of an upcoming beta version, and players will now have access to three sections Friends, Parties and Messages. The user interface includes the ability to filter by genre, support for up to 14 games and apps on the home screen, and the option to pin up to five games and apps to the home screen with “Keep in Home”. Button.

easy use Improvements are also coming for PS5 owners, including support for six new screen reader languages ​​– Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Korean, bringing a total of 15 languages ​​to support. Gamers with unilateral hearing loss will also be able to enable mono audio on their headphones instead of stereo or 3D audio, according to Sony.

Gamers who want to try out the PS5 beta system software can sign up on the PlayStation website, and the company will notify users if they have been selected, when a beta version is rolled out. Owners of previous-generation consoles can also sign up to try out the PlayStation 4 beta system software on the PlayStation website. Sony says that some of the features being tested may not be available in the final version to all users later this year, once testing is over.