Adcarry | What is Adcarry?

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Adcarry: AD Carry (ADC) means a champion (most of the time a shooter), who is attack damage (physical damage) and the main AD damage dealer. They usually go bot with support.

Support is the one that supports, well, the Adcarry. It helps them kill them with CC (crowd control, such as stunts, slows, etc.), or help them survive with heal and shields, etc., wards the area to keep good eyesight, and usually, the team Helps in the late game.

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There is also the middle laner (sometimes known as AP Carry) generally an elite power-oriented. They are the main AP damage dealers and usually do a lot of damage.

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There is also the top laner which is a tank or bruiser most of the time, but can be some form of killer.

And then there is Jung, who lives in the jungle and sweeps away the forest dunes, and goes into the streets of the other lanes (“stealth” teams and captures enemy laners off-guard, helping to kill the lanes Trying, or simply pushing them out of the lane so that their laner can push the tower and/or get the field)

Adcarry (ADC) FAQ:

Does Adcarry (ADC) mean bot?

Riot likes to talk about “Marksman” as the champion, but the role is often referred to as “Eddie Carrie” or, more classically, “ADC”. However, in the actual champion selection, the role is called a “bot”. What is this role called real hell?

Is ADC or Adcarry a bottom?

The League of Legends has five primary roles on a team, with the top laner, middle laner, Dangal, and ADC, and support in the lower lane. ADC stands for “Attack Damage Carry” and is primarily played with the Rented Champion who is the Basic Attack Relevant.

What is AP and AD in LoL?

AP means average power and AD means average dam. AD and AP are the same, as are others equal and power.

What is AP carry in LoL?

In LOL, AP Carry (APC) is another type of Damage Dealer, which does not deal with physical damage from standard attacks like AD Carry, but performs based on its abilities, usually magical powers.