ASIAN Wonder-13 Grey Black Running Shoes for Men

ASIAN Wonder-13 Grey Black Running Shoes for Men

ASIAN Wonder-13 Grey Black Running Shoes for Men

This is one of the best “low pride high quality” products I’ve purchased.

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  1. Style is exceptional. It is so aggressively designed, and the color combination is so appealing. The blue stripes add to the style and give it a sporty character.
  2. The materials used are highly suitable! I wear it mainly for walking / jogging, which is what it means. It also has a significant amount of padding to keep your feet up and running for long periods of time.
  3. The price is incredible. I got it for 650 650 and it honestly is much more than that.
  4. The sole provides an excellent amount of grip. They are made of good material, and even after 8 months of heavy use, they do not fade or lose their grip.
  5. Shoes are extremely lightweight! This is how shoes should be, when you use it for walking, jogging or similar purposes. They do not weigh you. My previous cause of walking shoe was very heavy and after 40 minutes of use my ankles will start to ache. It is a light weight and therefore provides sufficient amount of comfort.
  6. The length of the lace of the shoes provided is sufficient. I have shoes, including premium shoes, the length of which is not appropriate and is very annoying. I’m glad it has a proper length.
  7. The stitch used is great. They are stitched to the main places where the need arises. And even the color of the sewing thread is the opposite of body color, which adds to the style!
  8. One of the common places where shoes come out after some time of use is the sole where the sole is affixed towards the front part of the shoe. This is where most shoes are ‘open’ like its mouth is open, and you have to have it stitched / glued or thrown back. However, the glue that has been used and the way it is stuck in this shoe is incredible. It has not come apart a bit. Although I do not recommend it, I have occasionally played football and other sports with it, and yet, it has not caused any harm.
  9. Most shoes become ‘smelly’ after prolonged use. Your socks change sweat and odor and remain in the shoes. However, it is a good ventilation, and also the material used does not absorb odor. So it is free from stink most of the time! (This is mainly because the shoe is not primarily made of cotton or similar items. It is mostly a synthetic material)
  10. The outlined shape is perfect. I wear a size 11, I bought the same one and it fits perfectly. As with most other shoes, you need to buy “your size + 1”, but this is not necessary here.
  11. Although it is not specified anywhere, and although I do not think it is waterproof, I have due to unavoidable conditions, these have ended up being worn in rainy and watery conditions. Nevertheless, the shoe has not caused any damage. I would not recommend using it in water, but if you use it, it will do no harm, or cause too much damage.

Cons: I honestly have no complaints, which are not even minor inconveniences. This is amazing to me.

I definitely recommend this shoe to anyone buying shoes for walking, running and casual purposes. Please do not use it for games and sports, it is not for such use. These are lightweight shoes intended for regular use in walking and similar activities. I have used these shoes continuously for 8 months for daily walking, jogging and sometimes outdoor gaming.

I have not encountered any problems yet, and according to me, it is already long gone that I paid problems 650. I am extremely pleased with the product and would recommend you to get it.