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laptop for kids
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Laptop for kids | Best kids laptop in India

Now today time every child is very smart to use Tablet and Smart phone. If you are thinking to buy a good laptop for your kids and thinking which one is good for your child. Then you comes very right place.

Here I have shared best Laptops list for your kids. you can buy any one laptop which one you want to buy in the given list.

As laptops become more efficient in school curriculum, children are acquiring computer skills that many adults did not have until high school or college.

Despite the initial setback of third graders having their own laptop, they are a great way to inspire children to take notes, work with other students, and check grades. Here’s how to compare the most important glasses for children of all ages.

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Laptop for kids | Best Kids Laptop Review:

1. Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Laptop

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Battery life: 11 hours | Weight: 2. pounds | Display: 11.6 HD Touch | RAM: 4GB DDR4 | Storage: 16GB, 32GB

Featuring a sharp-looking design, the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Convertible Laptop is a rugged Device that can cope with rough handling of young children.

It comes with two cameras So your small one can easily use a webcam for zoom and video chat.

Package includes a stylus So that your child can write by hand on the screen to draw, show off their work for math problems, or simply get creative with art and design.

The selection of Google Chrome operating system and Google apps will feel familiar For most elementary students. Other impressive features include excellent battery life, A comfortable backlit keyboard and a large touch pad

2. Lenovo Chromebook Duet Laptop

Operating System: Chrome OS | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 1 Kg | Display: 11.6 HD(1366×768) | RAM: 4GB LPDDR3 | Storage:64GB

If you’re trying to make up your mind between getting your child a tablet or laptop, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is an excellent mid option with its detachable 10.1 inch touchscreen that will be easy to use for small hands. And, in an instant, the keyboard can be reattached to return to laptop mode.

While other Chromebooks can bend flat, they are obviously heavier in that position due to the keyboard. With Android app support on the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, you are really getting two devices with a solid Android tablet and Chromebook experience. And while adults or teenagers may find the keyboard a bit cramped, elementary school kids especially find the keyboard to be the perfect size for them.

Another bonus with the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is that due to its tablet form factor, it has an 8MP rear camera, not the one you would find on any other laptop. Children like to take photos and take short videos and this laptop would be better suited for tasks that are better than the webcam found on most notebooks. Finally, the battery life on the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is not less than about 13 hours in our test.

3. Dell Chromebook 3180 Best kids Laptop

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Operating System: Chrome OS | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 2 kg | Display: 11.6 inch HD | RAM: 2GB | Storage:64GB

Dell has been producing smaller and durable laptops like the Chromebook 3180 for longer than anyone else on the market, and it shows. MIL-SPEC certified laptops can basically do anything for a child; It will also catch a casual drink spill to get wet. With its good price tag, you should not worry every time you walk around the house with a laptop.

While the headphone / microphone jack will allow children to plug in for the best possible audio experience, the speakers on this laptop are quite excellent considering its size, so when they don’t want to plug in, the audio will remain crisp and clear.

The Dell Chromebook 3180 managed 9 hours and 9 minutes in our continuous web surfing on a Wi-Fi battery test, which was about an hour better than the category average and should be plenty to get most kids through the day .

For teens, performance may be slightly lower, but the Intel Celeron N3060 processor and 4GB of RAM are enough to allow children to stream video, video chat with friends or go to school and use most Android apps.

4. MacBook Air 2021

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Operating System: Chrome OS | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 1.2kg | Display: 13.3 inch HD | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 256GB

Apple’s thinnest and lightest MacBook is back in 2020 with a vengeance. Not only has it settled a lot of complaints with its predecessors – namely, the problematic keyboard is now gone, replaced by a far superior keyboard. But it also comes with new and more powerful internal components, even more storage space options and lower entry costs.

There are a few things we’re doing better, like muted screens and average battery life, but this model of the MacBook Air is better than what we have from that line to date.

5. Microsoft Surface GO Laptop

Operating System: Windows 10 | Battery life: 12 hours | Weight: 0.5kg | Display: 13.3 inch HD | RAM: 4GB | Storage:64GB

Microsoft Surface Go completely kicks it out of the park, and in the race for the final small tablet, it is poised for a win. This little tablet we all love is about the Surface Pro 6 in a smaller and much more affordable package.

While there are not many fresh features here, the sleeves of Microsoft Surface Go still have some impact. There are no semi-baked operating systems and no awkward app compatibility issues, thanks to Windows 10 S mode being enabled out of the box. The functionality of this tablet should only be improved from here, with new updates and accessories coming to the operating system.

Essentially, Microsoft Surface Go is what Surface 3 should have been, and this is proof that a portable can be one of the best Windows tablets, while being affordable to most people. And, depending on how your workload looks, Microsoft Surface Go may be ideal for your productivity and entertainment needs.

What’s the difference between a Chromebook OS & windows laptop?

The Chromebook is a laptop that works almost entirely on the Internet. These laptops are not inherently children’s laptops, but their low price point, cute and compact design, and safety features make them a good choice for iffy parents and children who are doing their most work on a webcam . (Such as playing typing on ABCMOS or Google Docs).

Locking in Chrome OS is not as limited as it sounds. In fact, it offers some freedom that regular laptops cannot. Because everything is automatically framed on Google Drive, if your document forgets to save a document or if the Chromebook stores itself, your child will not lose all its work. It also means that children can access their slide shows or essays on any computer where they can log into their Google account.

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Internet denied children may look like a virus waiting to happen. Each web page or Chrome app is its own sandbox job, essentially ensuring that other parts of the computer will not be compromised, though only that page rents or “variations.”

However, there is nothing domestic on Chrome. Most hackers are aiming at Windows or Mac and ignoring Google’s dew (for now), making it highly unlikely for a Chromebook to get a virus. If some sketches were to occur, the danger could be erased by closing the page or reverting to factory settings. Parents and teachers can achieve peace of mind without constantly looking over their child’s shoulder, and children can default to the web without feeling like they are being watched.

How to monitor your Kid’s behavior without monitoring them ?

Handing your child or Kids a laptop (and later setting them loose on the Internet) naturally comes with safety concerns. Already the debate of big-screen times came to headlines when coronaries needed to close schools, forcing caregivers to find a way to keep children entertained throughout the day and every day .

Parents were asked not to look at the screen about their children while glued at home, as there is little evidence linking screen time and cognitive or behavioral development. But if you’re worried that too many children land on improper sites or go into technology zombie mode, parental control software steps will lead to a healthy balance.

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