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COVID-19 Info: are you need a Remdesivir injection? Check out these websites, phone numbers to find them

Remdesivir Injection: In the whole country, Coronavirus has caused an outcry, in such a situation, the demand for Remdesivir Injection, which is used in the treatment of Coronavirus, has increased very rapidly due to which its deficiency is being seen.

The Delhi Police has also arrested many for the black marketing of Remdesivir Injection. Now you can think how much the price of Remdesivir Injection is proving.

More than 3 lakh cases are being reported every day with over 2000 fatal cases. Due to this, it has caused a stir in the country, with government officials taking stringent steps to curb the menace of the deadly virus. States like Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan have partially closed the lockout. Not only this, to encourage people to be vaccinated, many states have announced a free vaccine for people over 18 years of age. However, after such drastic steps, hospitals are running out of medical facilities such as beds, oxygen, plasma donors, Remdesivir, etc. Must

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Check Contact Details below to find Remdesivir Injection


  • Gagan Charity- 7838348237
  • Mr Ranjan- 9911610995
  • Jubliant- 9819857718


  • Darpan Chemist: 8369211887, 8879318058
  • 1800222365
  • Sunny Pharma: 02162-221111, 9822059598


  • RELIANCE MEDICAPS: 9825034579
  • DHRUVI PHARMA PVT. LTD.: 079- 40055601602603


  • Albino Lifesciences Pvt Ltd: 08800019155
  • Upkar Shakun Medical: 9452335457
  • Navyug Enterprises: 9415111275
  • Naval Medicals: 9415953301, 9984688886, 0522-2668831, 0522-6563288
  • Tapadiya Distributor: 020-24478599
  • UMIYA PHARMA DIST.: 9327198989, 9662905494
  • PHARMA DISTRIBUTOR: 9979737500
  • SHREE RAJ MEDICAL AGENCY: 0265 – 438768


  • PM Ballal: 9423690634
  • S.F.A Khalil: 9890567668
  • Dhawad: 9881680418

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  • Blog
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories:
  • Official website of Cipla:
  • Hetero’s official website: [email protected], 18001034696
  • Important Number: 1077, 2562668, 2567021
  • Satyajeet Tambe: 9822933333

Check some things before buying Remdesivir Injection to avoid duplicates.

  • NO Rx: The fake Remedisvir package does not contain “Rx” written immediately before the injection name.
  • Spelling Error: The full address on the package containing the fake Remedisvir injection is a spelling error. It distinguished Telangana as “Telangana”.
  • Capitalization error: Capitalization error in the third line written on the package. The original package reads as “100 mg / vial”, while the counterfeit reads “100 mg / vial”.
  • Alignment error: There is an alignment error in the brand name of the product. Note the difference between the package of fake and genuine Remedisvir injections. There is an enlarged moat in the fake vial.
  • Error in the brand name: “vial/vial” on the fake package has another capitalization error under the brand name.
  • Warning label in red: On the back of the box, the “warning” label on the real package is in red. The fake is a black warning label.
  • At the bottom of the fake remdesivir package: Another capitalization error is found on the front side of the fake remdesivir package. The counterfeit drug is written on the package, “for use” on the actual package.
  • Important information missing: Just below the warning label, the key information “Kovifir [brand name] is manufactured under license from Gilead Sciences, Inc.” is missing on the fake injection package.
  • Misnamed drug maker: In the text, there is a capitalization error in identifying Hetero Labs, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The fake Remedisvir package reads India as “India”.

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