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Silver St Cloud Gotham Biography

Silver St Cloud Gotham: Silver considers his favorite childhood memory for his mother to bake a cake with cake for her ninth birthday, in which she was named Chocolate. After his father’s passing, he became a ward of Theo Gallavan and studied abroad in Geneva and Switzerland. Two years later, she returned to Gotham City where she was recruited for Galvan’s criminal aspirations.

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Silver is offered to play in a fountain outside Theo Gallavan’s penthouse apartment. She meets Bruce, and they bond at Anders Preparatory Academy as having new children. Silver later greeted Bruce in the courtyard of Anders Prep, after which he went to her.

Silver later called Wayne Manner, inviting Bruce Wayne to dinner. He, Bruce, Theo, and Tabitha have dinner together, with Silver telling Bruce that he should come over so the two can hang out.

Silver Selina threatens Kyle and tells him to get out of Bruce’s life. Selina sees through Silver’s use and tries to warn Bruce, but angrily reprimands. Celina later watches Silver St. Cloud kiss from outside Bruce Wayne Theo’s house.

When Bruce was invited to Theo Galavan’s apartment, Silver was seen. When he comes out to start his meeting with Bruce, she takes him to leave.

Silver St. Cloud visited Wayne Manor at Bruce Wayne’s request, asking him if he believed what the media was saying about his uncle, Theo. Stating that he was not, Bruce tried to ask him for help, before Theo Gallavan was arrested, he made him an offer. However, his plan fails when Alfred appears and makes it clear that Silver was not welcomed into the manor in light of recent events.

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Bruce and Alfred then argued over whether Silver could stay, although Silver offered to leave because he didn’t want to cause any trouble. She leaves Bruce at the Ken Hotel shortly after giving him the keys to his hotel room.

Bruce asks Rajat if he can give him the name of the person who killed his parents. Silver said that she would and asked Bruce to meet with her. He is then kidnapped by a group of men, who proceed to tie him up with duct tape and silence him and take him and Bruce to a warehouse.

They wanted to know what Silver told Bruce about killing his parents. Bruce and Silver refuse to know anything, so the leader takes Bruce to the back room and he senses that he will bite Bruce’s fingers. Silver stated that m. A man named Malone murdered Bruce’s parents.

Bruce and Selina then reveal that it was all a misappropriation to get Silver to give the name of the person who killed Bruce’s parents, but Silver claimed that the name was wrong, so Bruce was hurt Will not arrive

They were going to school together

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Anything that might help Bruce act like a regular kid is probably a good thing, and he never seems more inclined at school because he finds out that Silver will be joining him in his introduction clip.

She Lost her Parents

Despite his young age, Silver has displayed the personality of a master manipulator. He is able to change his feelings and personality in a way to aid his uncle’s goals. For the most part, she is trying to trick people like Bruce Wayne, she is able to present herself as timid, harmless, and kind, but in private her true nature is confident, cool, and calculating. Uses as she attempts. His high intelligence and idiosyncratic charm to get what he wants. He is also arrogant and disrespectful to people like Selina Kyle and Tom.

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However, despite her multi-persona, Silver is not completely without scrutiny. He was horrified when Bruce was being tortured, yelling violently to stop him. When Bruce is captured by the order of St. Dumas, Silver becomes very uneasy at his impending execution and attempts to avoid his death entirely. He sincerely apologized for betraying her and protested during the ceremony that Creel was able to kill Bruce, an act that nearly cost Silver’s life.

Although Silver was initially loyal to his uncle Theo, it becomes clear that the only reason he does what he asks of her is that she was afraid of him and because, the family she knows, is not alive. If Galavan had decided to strike her in the name of his family. The abuse Silver received from his uncle ultimately leads him to run against Galvan to get Gotham to elope with Tabitha.

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