TeamViewer Authentication Rejected | How to solve Teamviewer Authentication Rejected Issue 100%

How to solve Teamviewer Authentication Rejected Issue 100%

TeamViewer Authentication Rejected: Friends, if you are having the issue of TeamViewer Authentication Rejected in Team Viewer and you are searching about its solution, then you have come to the right place, today I will tell you 3 solutions from which you can solve this problem. Please read this article in its entirety to get a solution.

Solution 1:

Friend’s first solution is to restart the laptop of the team viewer you are taking and check it again. This is the first solution,

If you cannot restart your computer or there is no place where you have a computer that you want to access from the team viewer so that you can restart that computer, then in such a way you can do the next solution Read.

Solution 2:

The second solution is this, the laptop you want to take the team viewer and you are unable to restart it, in such a case, you can connect that computer to your computer through Remote Desktop Connection.
For a Remote Desktop connection, you will need the hostname or IP address of the remote computer.

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After taking Remote Desktop Connection, you can close and restart your Team Viewer software on the remote computer. You can also restart all sessions of Team Viewer by closing it completely. For this, you have to go to the task manager of the remote computer and close all the tasks of the team viewer and open the team viewer software again. This will solve your problem 100%.

Solution 3:

The third option is that you always install an alternative software in your remote computers, such as AnyDesk or AmmyAdmin, it is a kind of alternative software from Team Viewer.

If your remote computer has alternative software and you set a custom ID & Password in it so that the next time you see a problem in Team Viewer, then you can fix it with the help of these software.

Team viewer has many alternative software which provide service for free.

Why is TeamViewer saying authentication is rejected?

  • TeamViewer Authentication Rejected can have many reasons.
  • Team Viewer software not being updated
  • In the remote computer with Team Viewer software, there is a slowing of internet speed or fluctuation of internet speed.

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