Things Need To Know Before Buy DSLR Camera

Best Things Need you Know Before Buy you DSLR Camera

Best Things Need you Know Before Buy you DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras come in many sizes, colors, brands, zoom, resolution, playback and more. There are many features and properties that are being put into devices that buyers are particularly overwhelmed and dizzy with these outstanding arrays of first timer devices.

This is also without the inclusion of various advertisements and different ratings used to promote these products.

So what are the things to look for if you want to buy a digital camera? To be able to answer these, there are 2 sets of information that you need to know before deciding. The first is to define the type of information you need and want in a digital camera. To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to take with your DSLR camera? Before you buy a digital camera, it is important to determine what kind of photos you want to take. If you are a digital photography enthusiast, no digital camera will do just that. You need to look for features that can support the zooming, resolution, etc. you need.
  • How much is your budget? This is a very important question that anyone who intends to buy a digital camera should ask. Because whatever your needs and desires are for the device, your financial resources will play a huge role in determining the type of digital camera you buy.
  • What are your resources? When you buy a digital camera, sometimes the expense does not end there. You also have to consider the capacity and power of the computer and the printer you will hook your camera into for your editing and printing needs. Editing software is already included when you purchase a digital camera but other devices are not.
  • In addition to printers, ink, and paper for printing, you may need additional memory cards for your camera and a more powerful computer to support image editing and image storage and retrieval.

After answering these 3 questions, the second set of information you need before buying a digital camera are the essential features in your device. Here are:

  • oath. Before you buy a digital camera, examine its ability to produce high quality photo images. The number of pixels indicated determines the resolution. The more pixels, the higher the resolution that can be made to enlarge a photo without losing image quality.
  • Built-in Memory. Digital cameras require a memory card for image storage. When you purchase a digital camera, make sure that the gadget you purchase has not only “built-in” memory, but also a card slot for external and extra memory. This allows you to easily replace the full memory card while shooting your pictures.
  • Look and Feel. It is essential for you to feel comfortable holding your digital camera while shooting. Therefore, before you buy a digital camera, it is good to check and check if you are holding it and using it. Consider where the buttons are located and how they are excluded and also see if you feel comfortable using the viewfinder.
  • battery life. Digital cameras use fast batteries and batteries are expensive. Before purchasing a digital camera, consider whether the camera battery is rechargeable. This way you can recharge them. Also consider an AC adapter when purchasing a digital camera. When you are viewing or uploading your pictures, you can add it to the camera
  • LCD. LCD is a special consideration that you have to look at when purchasing a DSLR camera. It is a small screen located on the back of a digital camera that allows you to preview photos you have taken. This should be considered when you buy a digital camera because it uses too much battery power.
  • special features. Special features that will suit your needs should also be thought of before you buy a digital camera. If you want your camera to have good zooming, you can opt for those with optical zoom lenses.
  • A diopter adjustment on the digital camera viewfinder will also be beneficial for those who regularly wear glasses and want to purchase a digital camera. Other features such as remote control, tripod, etc. can also be considered when you purchase a DSLR camera.

With these information, you can now find out what you really need and want before purchasing a digital camera. If you want to see ratings and rankings of these devices based on price, resolution or other features, then check various websites in the Internet.

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How To Find The Best DSLR Camera ?

It seems that every month, if not every week, different manufacturers are coming up with the latest digital cameras to woo potential customers. And it’s not working for us!

After spending a large amount of time in the mall figuring out which is the best digital camera for us, we finally have enough money to buy for that eye, 7 mega pixels, 10x digital zoom, potable, candy colors , Not to mention super high-speed SD memory card memory up to 512 MB and very portable (it would be the envy of almost everyone we know).

We march in the mall armed with our life savings and great pride in ourselves as we go through a new display – an eight mega pixel, expandable memory up to 1G, with mic and stereo surrounds, video playback enabled, 22 with beautiful. Mode-of-camera.

And we sigh because the creator of this amazing gadget claims that it is the best digital camera yet on the market. And so as long as we always want the best of our life savings and equipped with some credit cards, we buy “the best digital camera”. But then, after two months or more, it is not very long, another “best digital camera”.

And so this confuses us. What is digital camera, best digital camera?

Well, there are some factors for us to consider when looking for the “best digital camera”.

Megapixels. One of the most important features of a digital camera is its mega pixel property by including it in the Best Digital Camera category. The higher the mega pixel, the better the actual picture. One mega pixel is equal to one million pixels. The resolution of your image is based on the mega pixel property of your camera. This means that as you enlarge the picture, you will get more detail and less blurred colors.

LCD size. The best digital camera will always have a large LCD for the viewfinder to help you without framing your subject.

It is also helpful when reviewing your images, some cameras enable touch up and editing features with their LCDs. A 1.5-inch display is average, a 2-inch LCD display is good, but the best LCD size would be 2.5 inches or more.

Zoom. Most digital cameras have both digital and optical zoom. A high optical zoom is always better than a high digital zoom. Digital cameras are typically equipped with opticals between 3x and 10x. The better the optical zoom, the better it falls in the category of digital camera.

memory card. Always make sure that your memory card is right for your digital camera. There are different types of memory cards such as XD, SD, flash cards and the like. And these types of memory cards run with some types of digital cameras. Of course memory storage is also in choosing the best digital camera. Choose the size of memory you need, if you are a photo junkie, you may need more than 32 MB. Memory cards can go up to 1G.

The important point to find the best DSLR camera is that which is best suited for you and your lifestyle. Do not just claim the latest or the best digital camera in the market.

You don’t want to buy a DSLR and use it with your home activities or family outings and lure it around ?! Or when you are serious about being a professional photographer you don’t want to buy the latest point and shoot camera. (Of course, you can use it for starters, but if you’re not a newbie photographer anymore, you won’t want to get this kind of camera.)

In fact, the best digital camera is one that you will enjoy and use. Not the type that you leave in the attic, only in its box or after a few weeks of use.


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