What does BMW stand for | BMW Full Form?

What does BMW stand for?

What does BMW stand for: Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke) Have you ever found yourself wondering if a BMW is built to shop for a new luxury car or see a BMW drive on Balwyn streets? wonder no more. Bmdbladu Bayersiktke for Motörn Weirke, who German for Bavarian Motor Works. The brand name is all in German, as the word Motörnwerk is generally considered to be the same word instead of two. Learn more about the BMW name in BMW of West St. Louis near Laddoo, and if you have any questions, get in touch!

For many of our neighbors in the Chula Vista area, those three letters represent a commitment to quality that surpasses their daily commute. But what does BMW stand for anyway? Enthusiasts and experts know that BMW is short for Biersec Motoron Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works in English. In some cases, you can see BMW AG, or attached by Aktiengesellschaft. This roughly translates into a “joint-stock company”.

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Now that you’ve got the basics, we won’t be surprised if you’re ready to dig a little deeper! Find out how BMW got its name, and learn more with the team at BMW in San Diego.

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What is the meaning of the BMW logo?

Over the years, a wide range of enthusiasts and experts have suggested that the BMW logo is based on the propeller of an airplane, which rotates against the clear blue sky.

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For official BMW representatives, this analogy is only a “happy coincidence”. Nevertheless, we love that this story takes back the brand’s roots as a manufacturer of aircraft engines.

Founded in 1913 by Karl Rapp, the Rapp Motörnwerk Company manufactured aircraft engines in Munich, Germany. He officially changed the name to Bayersikke Motörn Werke in 1917, when Karl Rapp left the company.
The full name of the company is BMW AG. “AG” means Aktiengesellschaft, which means incorporation owned by shareholders. Visit BMW Official website

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