Who killed Sara? season 2 Netflix, Review Trailer, Release date and Sara Secret Past

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Review: ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2 First Look Reveals on Netflix

Who Killed Sara: of Netflix? Season 2 will premiere on May 19, it has been announced. Snippets of the next load of episodes of the Spanish-language drama can be seen in the new trailer (above), featuring Manolo Cardona’s Alex Guzman for help with the truth about the dark past of his sister Sarah (Ximena Lamrides) Begging can be seen.

“Sometimes, the best we can do is let things go,” he said, but it’s not going to help him. The central mystery of Netflix’s latest top streaming show, Who Killed Sarah, is exactly what it sounds like. The crime thriller premiered on March 24 and swiftly claimed the number 1 spot on Netflix’s top streaming charts.

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Who Killed Sara? ‘S ten episodes took viewers on a sinister journey through the dark underground of the powerful Lazcano family, in which betrayal, deception, lies, murder, sexual trafficking, and almost every crime can be thought of. As you begin to trust a character, the show takes a turn that questions your loyalty. There is so much left in the narrative that the audience is forced to fill the gaps, engulfed in mystery after mystery. If we have learned anything from Sarah Killed, it is this: Do not trust anyone.

Which characters will return in season two?

All of the cast members of the Lazcano family — the patriarch Caesar, the matriarch Mariana, and the children, Rodolfo, Chema, and Alyssa — will be in the new season. Alex and Sarah Guzman will return, revealing more about Sara’s past, which Alex never knew. The new season will introduce new characters to the story and Daniel Jimenez Cacho, Matias Novoa, and Antonio de la Vega joining the cast.

Has Netflix Confirmed Who Killed Sara? in season 2

In an unusual move, Netflix confirmed the second season just a few days after the show’s release. With the show topping the streaming charts, Netflix announced that not only Who Killed Sarah would be more? To satisfy all our inner espionage desires, but fans won’t have to wait too long for new episodes. Who killed Sara? The second season of? Netflix is ​​set to premiere on May 19.

The new trailer for season two reveals that Sarah may not be as innocent as we used to think. We see Sarah kick someone down the stairs (who looks like her friend Marifer, aka Diana the Huntress) and litter her room. As far as Lazcanos is concerned, it appears that Alyssa is kidnapped and Clara’s plan to seduce Chema comes to fruition. We see what Clara and Marifer look like when they are plotting against Kema. Will Sara be taking revenge for something that happened to her? Can she be the real killer? We’ll find out soon, when the new season ends on May 19.